American History X

Bilderesultat for american history x

The movie “American History X” was mainly about two brothers and their racist views. The older brother killed two “black people”, and went to jail, the little brother followed his brother’s footsteps and continued his “amazing” views and propaganda. The older brother learns from his mistake and when he got out tried to make everything okay. But if he would succeed was another question when your whole life revolves around racism and racist propaganda.

What we learned from this movie is that hate is never the answer, it only makes it worse. We can’t be blind and just decide that a whole race or non-whites are better, because it will only lead to sadness like shown in the movie. This movie is really important for kids/teenagers to watch. Like these boys, many people are vulnerable and wants to blame others, and it is important to learn that we should all be equally excepted, we all have baggage, we just have to accept it. This movie is definitely worth watching, you learn a lot from it and can take that experience with you throughout life.


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