Dosmetic migrant workers

Bilderesultat for domestic migrant workers

In class today we got a task to compare a story with some statistics about domestic migrant workers.

Fatou’s story is kind of heartbreaking because she reads in a magazine about someone who is living as a slave. She does not call herself a slave, but she thinks she is not because she does not have it as bad as this “slave” she read about. She is allowed to leave her employers premises, but she is not paid has and not seen her passport since she arrived. So, she is completely stuck in this job, because even if she leaves, she has no money or even a passport she can use to “get away”. She might not look at herself as a slave, but the workers do because she is easy to manipulate and has fooled her completely to become a domestic migrant worker. There are so many migrant domestic workers shown in the global estimate of the stock of migrant. 11,5 million workers are domestic migrant workers, they are often fooled into a good life, some might lose all rights and might not be able to leave their so-called “job”. They are living under bad conditions and are mostly looked upon as “slaves”. There are so many people like Fatou, believing that people want them good, even if they are actually are being used and have no chance to actually leave and be free again. So imagine 11,5 million people being used daily, and most of them women.


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