Life below water

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Today we discussed the UN’s goal number 14 – life below water. We read an article about ocean pollution and watched a documentary about how the plastic is affecting the whales. 

    1. Discuss the problems life below water is currently facing.

We are just now discovering how much plastic is affecting the ocean. There is so much plastic in the ocean and it affects mostly the fishes and sea animals. The animals are often mistaking the plastic as food. Many animals, like the whales, are dying. It is not just the plastic that is polluting the ocean, oil spills, factories, chemical spills, cars, and trucks are some other examples. Even things like toothpaste and soap are polluting the ocean, tiny pieces of plastic, microplastic, is all over our everyday products. The microplastic is eaten by the fish, and we eat the fish, so I do not think this is healthy for either of us.  It is estimated that if we don’t take action now, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.


  2. Reflect on the impact this documentary had on you

I am completely shocked, there were so many emotions in this documentary. It is our fault that the whales are slowly dying of pollution. The sea animals are supposed to trust us, we were supposed to take care of them and the environment. We failed, and now we have to take action before the sea is filled with plastic and other trash.

The whales are graceful and beautiful creatures. To see the “plastic whale” suffer like that was so heartbreaking. The only good thing about the discovery of the “plastic whale”, was that the world actually noticed and hit the alarm button, that we have to do something. Like they did in this documentary, gathering volunteers, to help clean the ocean.


3. Do you think it will help the oceans that we put more focus on this problem? 

Yes, I do actually believe that if we put more focus on this problem it might save the oceans. After the findings of plastic bags in the “plastic whale”, people started to notice the great damage the pollution is causing. Many researchers have now focused more on how to clean the ocean, stores are currently talking about switching out the plastic bags with other environmental bags and we are gathering volunteers to help clean shores of plastic before they disappear back in the ocean. The discovery of the whale was a wakeup call for many and has been since February in 2017.


4. Finally, what are you most likely to do in order to preserve our oceans, and what do you think others should do?

My family has always been strict on recycling, telling me to never throw garbage out in nature. Because why pollute the environment when there is a trash bin not so far away?My dad has always been an enthusiast on cleaning up trash, he always brings a bag to pick up garbage almost everywhere.

I, myself will continue as my father cleaning our nature. I will as well choose products that can be recycled and that does not contain microplastic or other environmentally harmful chemicals. Others should as well think about what our everyday products contain and hopefully recycle everything. An improvement for our school could have been different recycling bins.



Ocean pollution

The plastic whale



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